Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Filipino General to receive a Catholic burial despite of committing suicide

Why don't I find this hard to believe? Yes, I have to admit that I did not see this coming. But man?! What else couldn't the Catholic Church here in the Philippines do? Besides having a say in our Governments decision making (even though they should have), they have powers to impose anything in our country should they want to.

Don't you find it disturbing to hear that the Catholic Church will bend their own rule for one man. For centuries they have denied a proper Catholic Burial for a regular person who committed suicide. Now you will hear in the news that a General might have one. Ever wonder why?

I find it outrageous. I find it silly. I find it STUPID.

I've read about an article in the gma news online regarding a bishop saying... and i quote

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz, a Canon Law expert said "Now, the Church is more understanding because in this state of mind that is so confused and depressed then he is not himself ..."

How about the others that could have been confused and depressed then committed suicide? Would they be able to bless them all? Just a thought.. Maybe they could include this in their sunday mass "May the souls of those who committed suicide in the past, who were confused and depressed may be forgiven and may their souls go to heaven"...

Wouldn't it be silly? haha.. but if I am in their shoes, if they have one over there, why wouldn't I accept? There might be a long line in hell where in there is a booth that says... "Past suicide committers who are confused and depressed"... haha.. They might also be an "Express Lane" or a "Senior Citizen Lane".. haha..

Well, yeah, there is nothing we could do about that...

I have another question in my mind though... Why do some people let their religious leaders mess with their decisions?

Just recently, during a mass, a priest said that they are required to read an excerpt of a letter from the CBCP to the Government regarding the RH Bill. ~ Let's talk about this in my other blog.. hehe..

See yah, and thank you for reading!