Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quake in Japan

I am sure you all heard of the quake that hit Japan a couple of days ago. It was tragic. I am guessing, if that is just a quake and a tsunami didn't follow, the Japanese people wouldn't be in this kind of mess. It is heartbreaking to see people experiencing these kinds of unfortunate events. I sure hope and pray that they would be alright after a few.

I won't deny that I got scared after what happened to them. Just to be in the real world, these kinds of events can happen to anyone. This happens.. and no one could ever predict when this will occur. I remember watching an episode in Discovery.. or NatGeo.. not sure which.. but anyways, they said that the earths lands a million years back, doesn't look like what we know it looks like. Over the years, the land moved and separated from each other, Thus creating the image we now are familiar with.. The image in our maps..

Do you ever wonder how Mother Earth does this? You know, the moving of its land? well, here is my theory. Mother Earth unleashes a powerful blow, in a form of natural movements, such as quakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc... Quakes moves our lands, Volcanic eruptions sometimes creates a new land, tsunamis flatten lands.. in short, Mother Earth is redesigning its image...

This happens. Really. Now, since we inhabited her land. We should accept the fact that she has the right to move it from time to time. But she is really strict about it. She will move her land whenever she wants to... without notice... without warning... It is just too sad because lives are lost during her transformation.

That is why if find it juvenile to see computations of when the world would end. A lot of funny calculations are already visible in social networking sites.. Most of them has mathematical equations.. such as, take the date when this calamity happened then add this date when this calamity happened, then, viola!!! the date of the end of the world.. SO JUVENILE..

How many of you saw similar computations through the years.. I can still remember the first time I really thought about these kinds... it was the Y2K regime.. they said that it will be the end of the world.. hahaha. Funny how people make up stories like this.

The truth is, no one really ever knows when one thing will happen. All I can say is, whoever made those mathematical equations as computations for the end of the world.. They must be great math teachers! haha

See yah around and thanks for reading...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Man on the moon 2

A few years back, a lot of people turned their attention to conspiracy theorists. Those theorists said that the Astronauts or NASA faked the Apollo 11s landing on the moon, this is what I posted in my last blog, which was yesterday.. hehehe..

If you were able to read it, you will notice that I was one of those who doubted the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon. But thanks to the discovery channel's Mythbusters and Youtube (again), I found the answers that i was looking for.

First, let me give you an idea on what or who the MythBusters are. Mythbusters, it is science entertainment TV program shown on Discovery Channel. The show hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman use scientific methods to test if myths (it also includes anything that they have interest in), rumors, movie scenes (includes stunts and explosions), and other stuffs if they are possible or if they can be true in real life.

They earn their living testing and proving things. They use all possible gadgets and known to man, which their show can afford, to recreate and imitate the things that they want to test.

Since I don't know how to post a video using a blog.. please copy and paste the following on your browser.. hehe

So, what do you think? Made you think again right?

But let me ask you this. Did it ever occur to you that these people can be paid to show you that it is really possible? But think again, these guys are making a living out of this show. They are professionals I tell you.. So it is still up to you if you would believe it or not.

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Man on the moon

We were raised knowing that the Americans or the Astronauts were able to land on the moon. If I am not mistaken, it was July 20, 1969. It was the flights commander, Neil Armstrong who first stepped on the moon". One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". Those were his famous words...

It was a victory for the US. Since they said they were the first to walk the surface of the moon. By the way, they were in a race with the Soviet Union's Cosmonauts. For those of you who do not know... Astronaut is the term used for the American space travelers, while Cosmonaut is for the Russian space travelers.

Yeah, a flashback in history right? But have you ever even gave another thought on why the Americans, after that momentous occasion, never sent another Astronaut on the moon. Now I know I got your attention. My other point, why didn't the Russians, until now, never sent anyone to the moon? I would understand if they didn't send anyone back 1969.. but now? After all the technology changes and stuff? Why?

I've seen this video tackling about this issue. And they have endless evidence that will prove that the moon travel was indeed a hoax. It is up to you if you would believe it or not.. but I will share the link in this blog.. thanks to youtube... hehe

Now it's up to you... Cheers!

See yah, and thank you for reading!