Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kalvin's 5th

My son Kalvin turned 5 yesterday.. March 24, 2012... We had a very simple celebration.. I cooked Spaghetti and Chicken Caldereta.. then Kimy, my Wife, cooked a very mouth watering spicy shrimp and dory with oyster sauce.

We had fun even though it was only the 3 of us who celebrated. After several talks and playing time with Kalvin.. He asked me this... "Daddy, why don't I have visitors? Does my friends and cousins know that it is my birthday?".. Naawa naman ako =(

I told him that due to his condition, having Chickenpox, his friends and cousins are not allowed to go to our place. Then he said.. "Ahhh! If I am not sick anymore, then I will have a party?!" Since no choice na ko.. I said yes.. hehehe.. Then you will see in his face that he was very happy..

Kalvin loves to have company.. He loves it when her cousins visit him.. He loves it when we go to my cousins place.. He loves people.. He love playing.. I think it is natural for a growing kid. The thing is, when it's time to go home.. He goes from happy to very sad.

Maybe it is because he's an only child and when at home he has no one to play with. Normally Mommy is busy with her studies and Daddy is tired from work. We still play whenever we are free but I think a kid with his energy wants more time.

Sometime I think Kimy and I needs to have another baby.. but we both know that we can't afford it yet.. =( In the near future maybe.. hehe

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